Ease of Mind.

An important part of Centaur’s cloud-based software is automated alerts and alarms. When an alarm threshold is exceeded, the system will send notifications through email and SMS to the end-user and Hydro’s engineers. In parallel, the system will increase the data capture rate to provide a more detailed picture of the event.

Because the monitored information can be accessed remotely in real-time on any internet-connected device, alerted personnel can check on their equipment without having to travel to the site.

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Centaur's state-of-the-art mobile application, allowing end-users to view machine data in real-time

Ease of Use.

Centaur’s Enterprise Predictive Maintenance (EPM) software includes a dashboard that allows quick assessment of equipment condition along with advanced tools for deeper diagnosis. 


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Centaur's analytics dashboards provide end-users with an array of customizable data visualizations for ease of use and enhanced readability

Access From Anywhere, Anytime

  • Web-based software accessed anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device 
  • Real-time and historical vibration and temp. amplitude trends 
  • Alarm level threshold notification via e-mail / SMS 

View all your plant data in one place. With Centaur's interactive map, end-users can oversee multiple operations' data and an at-a-glance assessment of critical events throughout the fleet.

Advanced & Customized Features

  • Full suite of analytical tools including trend, time waveform, frequency spectra, cross-phase, enveloping, waterfall plots, multi-channel trend, fault frequency trend, and more 
  • Software integration to PI, System1, SCADA, or other site historians 

Innovation to the Industry. Putting a new "I" in "IoT"

Introducing: The Digital Twin

One of the defining elements of the digital age is rapid technological development; asset management platforms and tools will need to keep pace with the times. Hydro continues to develop and enrich the Centaur platform with new technologies as they become available. 


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Hydro also understands the importance of streamlining software workflows and leveraging critical information acquired through other data collection systems. Integration is available to connect Centaur with existing plant data processing platforms.