Powerful Capabilities For High-Capacity Vertical Pumps

A newly manufactured pump component is only as successful as the expert engineering behind it. Hydro understands the importance of the engineering side of reverse engineering, especially when it comes to large pumps. That’s because engineering expertise is the foundation of our business. As an independent, unbiased source, Hydro’s loyalty is to its customers and their pumps. That gives Hydro the freedom to provide an unbiased evaluation of designs that have potential flaws. The end result? A pump repaired or a part supplied by Hydro is often better than the original.

Coupled with an experienced workforce is a dedicated set of state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Our 7-axis portable measuring arm toolset can capture high-precision data via tactile probing and non-contact scanning.

Our engineering staff can reverse engineer and evaluate a wide variety of rotating equipment, no matter the size or complexity. Our 7-axis portable measure arm toolset offers the following features:

  • Ability to align a part to a 3-dimensional coordinate system for scanning and probing.
  • Probing accuracy of 0.0008” to 0.0012” on precisions fits or geometric measurements.
  • Scanning accuracy of 0.0019” on as-cast surfaces such as hubs and impeller vanes.
  • High-end scan software is specifically designed for reverse engineering because it allows the user to manage and decide the best scenario even if the scanned part is not perfect or ideal.

On-Site Reverse Engineering

Large pumps are expensive to ship off-site and often run without a spare. Being able to capture precision measurements of critical parts on-site reduces both cost and risk. Hydro’s reverse engineering team is experienced in how to efficiently and accurately reverse engineer large components.

The field portion of the reverse engineering process for a large part can usually be accomplished in less than a day. After the measurements are taken, the pump can be returned to service while the model is completed and the part is manufactured.

Taking the initial component data is only the first step in Hydro’s reverse engineering process. Using their experience in the failure modes and upgrades of large pump designs, the reverse engineering team will recommend component upgrades or improved metallurgy to extend the life of the part. Where appropriate, they will also identify methods of refurbishment that can return a large part to reliable service in place of supplying a new component.


Troubleshooting & Engineering

The combination of long, cantilevered designs and sumps that rarely meet recommended standards can be a real headache for end users. Vertical pumps are often the most troublesome pieces of equipment in a plant.

Fortunately, Hydro has the engineering experience to diagnose and solve these problems. When additional information is needed, Hydro’s pump improvement engineers can capture detailed field test data to support complex analysis.

Quality Shops & Experienced Teams

Working on large pumps requires a shop with the appropriate tooling and lifting capacity. It also requires a team dedicated to providing a higher standard of repair. Because vertical pumps are made of several stacked parts, keeping tight tolerances and best-in-class fit-ups is critical for reliable operation. Hydro’s standards are more stringent than those required by any industry body. What does that mean for you? Longer life, better performance, and safer operation.

Let Hydro Do The Heavy Lifting For You.

Hydro’s seasoned professionals have extensive experience in the pump industry and familiarity with a broad spectrum of manufacturers, designs, and applications. This talent and the knowledge gained from over 50 years of servicing the pump aftermarket has provided Hydro with the ability to not only repair your large pumps, but to improve them.

Pump Problems? We've Got This.

At Hydro, it’s about more than quality: It’s about commitment to consistent quality and ensuring that our customers are providing with superior product and optimized mean time between repair for years to come.

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