Collect. Detect. Protect.

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, Centaur uses wireless sensors to collect information, such as pressure, vibration, and temperature. These sensors are connected to a wireless gateway.

The gateway then transmits collected information to the cloud using cellular, Wi-Fi, or a wired connection. On the cloud, data is stored and analyzed using powerful AI-driven algorithms. This data can be accessed remotely by plant personnel and Hydro’s engineers. 



Hydro's gateways relay data from the sensors to the cloud. A collection gateway is typically connected to the cloud using one of the following: Cellular, Wi-Fi, or LAN. By providing a means of relaying critical data to the cloud, even in remote locations, our gateways help you to optimize operations and identify problems before equipment failure.


Wireless IIoT
Smart Sensors

Each sensor collects useful machine condition data at preset intervals and relays this information, through the gateway, to the cloud-based Enterprise Predictive Maintenance (EPM) software. The information collected helps to optimize equipment, understand equipment health, improve preventative maintenance strategies, and understand equipment failure modes.

Centaur’s sensors were designed by pump subject matter experts to ensure that they are collecting the data required to detect and identify critical pump failure mechanisms.

Centaur facilitates equipment health assessment through:


  • Real-time analytical tools
  • Automated alerts and alarms
  • Automated failure mode recognition
  • Machine learning fault diagnosis
  • Rotating equipment health analysis and in-field support
  • Pump Subject Matter Experts and engineering support

Technical Specifications

Single Axis Sensor

Wireless sensor that measures temperature and vibration in a single direction and transmits this data wirelessly to its assigned gateway.

Triaxial Sensor

Wireless sensor that measures temperature and vibration in three directions and transmits this data wirelessly to its assigned gateway.

Submersible Sensor

Single axis sensor designed to measure vibration at the source of wear and fatigue on submersible and vertical pumps. It is powered from an above ground battery located in the transmitter, to which it is connected via a cable.


Communication gateway enabling the secure collection of wirelessly transmitted data from the connected sensors. The gateway is powered by 110/220VAC or an internal battery for wireless operation. Data is transmitted to a server from a gateway using a cellular connection, Wi-Fi, or a Local Area Network (LAN). Each gateway can host up to 45 total sensors and can use up to three methods to data transmission to a specified server.


Device enabling the secure collection of data for up to two wired sensors. The transmitter is powered by an internal battery, which also provides power to the connected sensors. Transmitters send collected data to a gateway for further transmission to a specified server.