Capability Spotlight: Hydro University

Hydro University was developed with a mission of ensuring that pump users around the world have access to the knowledge required to optimize industrial operations and reduce pump lifecycle costs. By imparting technical skills, pump knowledge, and troubleshooting methodologies, we help our customers to achieve this.

Hydro has spent 50 years accumulating knowledge of pump operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades. Our aftermarket perspective uniquely empowers us to look at our pumps the way an end user would- with an eye for improving reliability and performance of existing assets instead of a focus on initial design. Our training is similarly focused on imparting skills critical to end users’ every day job functions instead of theoretical design that would rarely, if ever, be used by pump system owners.

Hydro University: Meet Our Training Instructors from Hydro, Inc. on Vimeo.

Hydro University understands that not every organization or learner will have the same goals and has developed a varied slate of delivery methods to support skill development.

For those looking to engage in course material on their own schedule, Hydro University offers a breadth of online technical webinars and e-learning classes. The topics are expansive, covering a depth of knowledge such as centrifugal pump fundamentals, system optimization, vibration, failure modes, and many more.

For organizations looking for an in-depth skill development strategy, Hydro University provides tailored programs that combined classroom, hands-on, and virtual course material customized to the end user’s learning goals. These programs can include a mentorship aspect, where Hydro’s subject matter experts join students in an application optimization project that provides practical application of the skills they learned in the classroom.

Interested in learning more about Hydro University? Download our current course catalog, visit the Hydro University LMS to browse online courses, or contact us for more information.

Capability Spotlight: Centaur Condition Monitoring

Hydro’s Centaur is an IoT condition monitoring solution developed by rotating equipment experts with a specific focus on detecting equipment failure modes and providing impending warning of incipient problems. Centaur includes the necessary hardware, software, and dedicated engineering support to successfully trend equipment condition and avoid unplanned downtime.

The Problem

Industrial users have relied on analog gauges and route-based data collection methods for decades. These methods often lead to inaccurate or incomplete readings and can expose workers to elevated safety risks, especially in hazardous environments. More importantly, traditional methods do not provide the benefits that continuous monitoring does, such as early detection and warning alerts, remote support for troubleshooting and diagnostics, and improved MTBR/MTBF.

Our Solution

A complete picture of equipment health can only be revealed by capturing a continuous stream of data and using both analytical power and subject matter expertise to turn this data into actionable information. Centaur achieves this by combining digital vibration, temperature, and pressure sensors, cloud-based software, and the experience gained through 50 years of developing aftermarket solutions for rotating equipment.

A critical piece of Centaur’s ability to reduce users’ cost of asset ownership and avoid unnecessary downtime is its dedicated engineering team, who provide proactive monitoring oversight, monthly health reports, and advanced analytical support. These rotating equipment experts perform root cause analyses of concerning trends and alarm events, which include recommended action steps to remediate suspected issues long before they become costly failures.

The Difference

In contrast to traditional IOT companies, Centaur was developed with the input of rotating equipment experts. As an unbiased presence in the aftermarket, Hydro has amassed experience over a broad spectrum of manufacturers, designs, and applications.

This expertise influenced hardware and software design, ensuring that Centaur is capable of effectively detecting and identifying known equipment failure modes. Some examples include the measurement of phase data and a frequency range capable of detecting bearing fault frequencies.

How it Works

The Benefits

  • Increased accuracy: Provides more precise pressure readings, maintaining safe and efficient operations.
  • Greater data collection frequency: Allows creation of detailed pressure profiles and trends, supporting identification of anomalies that indicate potential issues.
  • Increased worker safety: Eliminates need for workers to access dangerous or hard-to-reach areas and provides earlier warning of potential safety issues.
  • Predictive maintenance: Enables condition-based maintenance by tracking performance degradation over time.
  • Cost savings: Reduces cost of equipment ownership by preventing potential issues and reducing downtime.
  • Trending efficiency: Detecting and trending performance degradation facilitates more informed decisions on equipment operation and maintenance.

Ready to learn more about Centaur? Contact us or apply for a free trial.

Podcast: The Coolest in Pump Testing and Condition Monitoring


We agree with Empowering Pumps, pump testing and condition monitoring are the coolest!

Listen to the latest Empowering Industry podcast, where Charli Matthews chats with our Director of Condition Monitoring and Test Lab, Ares Panagoulias, about his history with the Hydro Test Lab, how he got pulled into the world of pumps, and the new innovations he is heading with our Centaur condition monitoring division.

Watch to the interview below, or listen to the podcast here.

Learn more about the Centaur condition monitoring solution and and Hydro’s Performance Test Lab.

Podcast: Solutions Spotlight with Ares Panagoulias

Ever wondered how to better understand equipment health but struggled with climbing the mountain of data available to come up with actionable information?

Listen to the latest podcast from Chemical Processing magazine, where our Director of Condition Monitoring and the Test Lab, Ares Panagoulias, talks about how to avoid data overload while still becoming more predictive in your asset management strategies.

Listen to the podcast below, or read the interview here.

Learn more about the Centaur condition monitoring solution and read some case studies of successful implementations of condition monitoring.

Contaminant-Free Environment for Critical Services

Pump Solutions for Clean Applications

Many critical pump applications require sanitization and assembly in a clean environment to prevent contaminants that could put the service at risk of combustion or affect the purity of the end product. To better meet our customers’ clean service needs, Hydro has installed a state-of-the-art clean room at our HydroTex Deer Park facility.

Hydro’s Deer Park clean room allows decontamination of refurbished pumps in a controlled environment. Cleaned components are inspected to ensure the absence of contaminants using a black light and are individually packaged after inspection. Upon decontamination of all components, the full pump is assembled in the clean room environment using stringent control procedures to ensure cleanliness of the equipment is maintained. The assembled pump is packaged in a sealed environment in preparation of delivery to the end user.

Since its inception in 2021, Deer Park’s clean room has become the facility of choice for various oxygen, nitrogen, and chlorine pump end users in the Houston and greater Gulf Coast regions. We are proud to add this new service to our pump subject matter expertise and industry-leading refurbishment standards.  With this winning combination, Hydro continues support our customers in ensuring safe and reliable pump operation while reducing their total cost of equipment ownership.

Capability in Action

An industrial gas customer providing medical-grade oxygen had been sending their O2 pumps for refurbishment to the overseas OEM, who does not have a US facility. HydroTex Deer Park repaired and decontaminated their O2 pumps in their dedicated clean room.

Being able to find a reliable, qualified supplier that was local to their facility saved the end user valuable time and ensured availability of this critical, lifesaving application.

Visit our HydroTex facility in La Porte.