3 Day Hands-On Pump Training (Denver, CO)

Join us for 3 days of hands-on pump training at our Hydro Rocky Mountain facility in Denver, CO. This seminar will include a hybrid of classroom training in pump fundamentals, inspection, and rebuilding techniques with hands-on modules including between bearings and overhung single stage pumps, a vertical pump, and a multistage split case pump. A shop module will highlight failure modes and case studies from our experienced field service team.

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3-Day Hands-On Pump Training (Denver)

Join Hydro Rocky Mountain for a 3-day hands-on pump training tailored to both maintenance and engineering professionals to increase their pump knowledge.

Tuesday, November 15 (8am-5pm)

Wednesday, November 16 (8am-5pm)

Thursday, November 17 (8am – 3pm)

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Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day of the training. This course will provide 21 professional development hours and certificate will be issued upon completion.

Course Instructors:

Sergio Ramos, Mechanical Engineer

John Neely, General Manager- Field Service

Brad Hutchison, Goulds Product Manager

Course Curriculum:

Classroom Module: An Introduction to Basic Hydraulics and Pump Types

  • Basic Hydraulics – Terminology & concepts – and a review of basic pump types
  • Pump Performance Curve and interactions with the System Head Curve
  • Effect of operating away from the pump’s BEP, Cavitation, and NPSHR considerations • How wear affects flow and pressure

Hands-on Workshop Module: Inspect and Rebuild Between Bearings (BB) and End Suction (OH) pumps with an IMPEL overview

  • Overview of design and construction of between bearings (BB) and end suction (OH) pumps
  • Hands-on disassembly and assembly of common Balance of Plant (BoP) pumps
  • Utilizing a representative BoP training pump, Goulds 3405, we review in depth the design and assembly of simple pumps. This class also acts as a steppingstone to acquaint the learners with the foundation for the high energy pump modules to follow later in the course.

Classroom Module: Pump Inspection and Rebuilding Guidelines and Techniques

  • An overview of inspection procedures and practical advice for rebuilding your BoP pumps

Hands-on Workshop Module: High Energy Pumps (IR Model HMTA – BB3)

  • Detailed review of components and their functions
  • Centering of the rotor. Set and verify rotor running position, axial thrust, balance disk gap
  • Review best practices and proper repair techniques with “tricks of the trade” information
  • Basic pump operations best practices
  • Q&A discussions encouraged throughout the segment

Shop Module: “Pump Failure Modes and Case Studies”

  • Broad review of typical failure modes and areas of concentration during equipment health review
  • Slide presentation of component failures geared to generate classroom participation and discussion of known issues and concerns relative to specific site “bad actors” and current plant projects
  • Sharing of experience and “war stories” with focus on as-found conditions and what was or can be learned from these events
  • Open forum to discuss learners’ prepared or spontaneous questions

Cost: $2,899 per person.

For questions or more information, please contact Catherine Miles at cmiles@hydroinc.com or 773-590-6736.