Gearbox Refurbishment Solves Performance Problems in Australia

Not only does Hydro Australia service centrifugal pumps, but for over twenty years, the team has been refurbishing gearboxes for their clients. Being part of Hydro’s worldwide network of service centers enables Hydro Australia to achieve great success by working alongside fellow engineers for technical support, expedited parts solutions, and the shared wealth of Hydro’s cross-OEM experience. On this particular gearbox refurbishment, Hydro Australia called upon Hydro Richards in Canada to manufacture two new white metal bearings.

After initial blasting and inspection, major issues including cracks were discovered in the upper half of the casing, requiring metal stitch repairing. Once the cracks were repaired, the casing split faces were decked and the casing was line bored. Utilizing Hydro Australia’s state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment in their Morwell, Victoria workshop, the team reverse-engineered the input shaft and all four white metal bearings. Two white metal bearings were also relined, a new input shaft was manufactured from forged material and balanced after fitting the bull gear and final assembly. A team of technicians then traveled to the site to install the gearbox and assisted in commissioning the pump train.

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