HydroAire 40th St Service Center & New 5000 HP Test Lab

HydroAire’s new facility, located at 1126 West 40th Street, has 46,000 square feet dedicated to pump aftermarket services. In addition to large machining equipment and 82 tons of crane capacity, the new facility has a 5000 HP Pump Performance Test Lab, which is the culmination of a two-year effort to bring the best and most comprehensive range of pump services to the pump aftermarket.

On Wednesday and Thursday, September 29th and 30th, 2010, HydroAire proudly unveiled its brand new service center and Test Lab at a festive Open House attended by hundreds of customers, dignitaries, neighbors, and friends. In addition to music, refreshments, and a slideshow on the history of HydroAire, the Open House included guided tours of the new repair facility and Test Lab by HydroAire’s engineers, mechanics, and executives. HydroAire Executive Vice President Jay Shah stated “We’re pleased to open this state-of-the-art facility in order to better serve our customers in the Greater Midwest area – customers in businesses such as power plants, refineries, the oil and gas industry, and the steel industry.”

HydroAire is a subsidiary of Hydro Inc., a Chicago-based organizat
ion formed in 1969 which has become the largest independent pump rebuilder in North America. Having been with Hydro from the start, “We will only continue to grow,”says Shah. “We are pump people and engineers whose experience has enabled us to not only repair but to improve the pump for better performance and longer life.”

Subsequently, Pumps & Systems’ Editor, Michelle Segrest, wrote in her editorial an excellent summary of her visit to Hydro’s new Test Lab:
“We are also seeing advancements in technology and testing best practices. A few months ago, Vice President of Sales George Lake and I visited Hydro’s impressive new 5,000-horse power test lab in Chicago, which was designed specifically for the pump aftermarket to ensure high-quality efficiency standards. “In the past, pumps have been routinely overhauled based on ‘first cost,'” explains Hydro President George Harris. “We believe that companies will begin to analyze the cost of energy and to consider the return on investment for pump upgrades, which can reduce the maintenance and operating costs of their pumping equipment. Testing the performance of pumps to determine their efficiency enables the user to verify that upgrades in hydraulics, tolerances, and other improvements have achieved performance objectives,” Harris says.”

Click here to view photos of HydroAire’s Open House. You will be prompted for a username (guest) and password (hydroaire40).


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