Performance Testing

  • Where required, hydraulic components are tested in Hydro’s Performance Test Lab

Final Inspection

  • Hydro’s Quality Assurance Team inspects machined component
  • Equivalency analysis is performed to check adherence to original model dimensions

Final Machining

  • After casting approval, final machine drawing is produced and approved
  • Machining, drilling, surface finish and dressing is performed

Validation of Cast part

  • Casting is inspected for defects
  • 3D model of the cast part is created and compared to the original model to validate the casting dimensions before it is released for machining

Metal Pouring

  • High content zircon wash is applied on all surfaces to improve surface finish
  • Package is assembled and pour is completed
  • Part is poured, broken out of the mold and cleaned
  • Cast part is dimensionally inspected by Hydro’s engineers.