Hydro Scotford Builds New Pump Service Center

Hydro’s worldwide pump aftermarket service organization has exhibited significant growth during a time of sharp decline in many industries. In 2010, Hydro built a 5000HP Test Labdedicated to the pump aftermarket. In Fall of 2011, Hydro’s service capabilities expanded at their Edmonton operation outside of Vancouver.

To better serve pump users in the power generation, oil and gas, industrial, and municipal markets, Hydro Scotford (a subsidiary of Hydro Inc., a Chicago-based corporation), announced its move to a newly constructed facility in the Canadian province of Alberta. This modern 40,000 sq. ft. facility houses state-of-the-art equipment which Hydro Scotford uses for pump design, engineering, and manufacturing – providing pump users with customized and innovative solutions to their pump problems. Continue reading

Hydraulic Institute: Pumping System Optimization Training

Hosted at HydroAire’s 40th St. service center on March 15th and September 6th, 2012, the Pumping System Optimization Training presented by the Hydraulic Institute was a one-day course where attendees earned 7 PDH (professional development hours) and gained valuable new skills; such as how to identify and reduce hidden operating and energy costs and how to develop an action plan to help improve system efficiency. The learning objectives for this curriculum are designed for participants to better understand:

• The benefits of improving the performance of pumping systems;

• System optimization and basic pump system interaction;

• How to screen pumping systems for good system improvement candidates;

• How to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities;

• Basic life cycle cost analysis; and How to plan and propose an Action Plan to management.

Visit https://www.hydroinc.com/pump-training-seminars for information on upcoming pump training events

Vibration Institute Meeting Hosted by HydroAire’s 40th Street Pump Service Center

The Vibration Institute held their local meeting at HydroAire’s 40th Street Pump Service Center in Chicago, Illinois, on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012. Bob Jennings, Hydro’s HI-certified training instructor, and Jeff Johnson, Vice President of Hydro’s Pipeline Division, shared their knowledge and expertise during the meeting, which included presentations on the impact of pumps operating at off-peak conditions and the cause and effect of torsional vibration. The meeting also included a tour of the service center and Hydro’s 5000HP Pump Performance Test Lab. For information about the Vibration Institute or to schedule a tour of the Test Lab, please contact Ken Babusiak at 312-738-3000 or visithttp://www.vi-institute.org/.

GE and Hydro Align to Better Serve Customers

GE Energy and Hydro Inc. Partner to Deliver a Single Point of Contact for Your Critical Pumping System Needs

GE Energy and Hydro Inc. have combined their expertise and capabilities for the driver-driven component train. This new approach to addressing pumping system components helps mitigate risk to you while increasing quality, delivery and performance. GE Energy is the global market leader for large motor and mechanical drive turbines repair in the industrial and utility markets. Drawing on decades of product manufacturing, GE can combine exclusive access to motor and steam turbine drawings, design engineering, field engineering and shop repair resources to properly service your “driver” equipment. Continue reading