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Welcome. Here at Hydro University, our mission is to ensure that pump users around the world have access to the knowledge required to optimize industrial operations and reduce maintenance costs. By educating our students, imparting technical skills, and sharing troubleshooting methodologies we help our customers meet their business objectives.

With over 50 years of experience in the pump industry, Hydro can provide a wide range of subject matter for both technicians and engineers. Our content covers a wealth of knowledge ranging from introductory to advanced levels, such as centrifugal pump fundamentals, pump failure modes, resonance detection and correction, and much more. Because Hydro University recognizes that our students have different needs, we provide engaging educational material in a variety of delivery methods.

So, you want to learn more about your pumps, how they work, methods for troubleshooting their problems, and strategies for optimizing their operation? Contact us today to learn more.

Test your Pump Knowledge

Test your Pump Knowledge


A Look Inside Hydro University

Hydro University offers a breadth of online technical webinars, e-learning classes, and applied knowledge digital workshops for end-users. The topics are expansive, covering a depth of knowledge such as centrifugal pump fundamentals, system optimization, vibration, failure modes, and many more.

Online Training

  • On-Demand Content
    • Full e-learning courses
    • Webinars

  • Live Content
    • E-learning courses
    • Webinars
    • Customizable classes/programs available

Blended Learning

  • Hybrid
    • Combines live content with on-demand resources
    • Offers the flexibility of on-demand classes while retaining the benefits of live instructor access

In-Person Training

  • Classroom
    • Traditional classroom seminars
    • Available at Hydro facilities or on-site
  • Hands-On
    • Hands-on training in shop environment
    • Available at Hydro facilities or on-site

Applied Knowledge

  • Lessons From the Field
    • Case studies providing practical examples
    • Office Hours- Live Q&A with SMEs
  • On-Site Mentorship
    • Available to training partners
    • Knowledge from foundations courses applied under mentorship of Hydro SMEs