The Hydro Difference

Hydro’s team of experts is dedicated to developing comprehensive solutions for all rotating equipment challenges. We deliver a single source of total support, providing end users with a trusted partner for reducing equipment life cycle costs.

Backed by years of experience and an unparalleled commitment to our customers, our goal is to achieve lasting results by addressing factors that impact equipment availability, reliability, and performance. As an independent company, we are loyal to our customers – not to a brand.

With over 50 years of experience, we do it right – the first time.






We partner with our customers 

to engineer safe, efficient, and 

sustainable solutions for their

rotating equipment, delivering high 

value and operational excellence.



Hydro was founded in 1969 when a small group of pump engineers established a service center in Chicago operating under the belief that every repair is an opportunity for improvement. From that small shop,
Hydro grew to become the world’s largest independent pump rebuilder with a global network of service centers.

In the mid 1980's we realized that our focus on solving problems in the aftermarket and our independence from any single brand put us in a unique position to understand how pump design and construction
influenced success or failure in specific applications and operating environments. By meticulously compiling a centralized source of data and experience across OEMs and models, Hydro built a strong foundation from which to engineer improvements and extend pump reliability.

Committed to providing our customers with a single source for achieving reliable operation, Hydro has continued to invest in services that provide end users with the resources they needed to reduce their
costs. These services have formed a comprehensive continuum of support throughout equipment life and supported Hydro’s evolution from a single service center to a global total solutions provider.

Quality Assurance

Hydro has developed a reputation of quality and reliability throughout the pump industry. The detailed inspections, work scopes, and repair plans we offer meet and typically exceed OEM standards. We pride ourselves in providing our customers the detailed information required to properly evaluate their pump’s condition and recommending actions to improve performance and life.

It is essential for any organization to continuously build and improve its processes and procedures to provide consistent, high-quality service. Hydro has invested significantly in standardized engineering, reverse engineering, and repair processes that are informed by industry experts and consistently reviewed to incorporate up-to-date best practices.

Hydro’s Quality Assurance program and process control procedures are continually evolving to meet the stringent requirements of industry standards and regulatory bodies. All our service centers are ISO
compliant. Many of our locations hold additional certifications, which can be found under the information for each service center. Our Chicago HydroAire Madison service center has an ASME N certification and holds NPT and NR certificates for work on Nuclear Safety-Related and ASME Code Pumps. HydroAire Madison's Quality Assurance Program complies with 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, and ASME Section III and has been audited by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC).

We are committed to continually training of our engineers, technicians, and management in accordance with our QA Manual requirements and the latest standards. For additional details on specific service center QA programs, please contact the service center directly.

Experience and innovation drive a brighter future.

Throughout our history, Hydro has been guided and inspired by our purpose of improving our world through smart and skillful engineering. This devotion describes the impact we’ve had across our first 60 years, as well as our commitment to continuous advancement- for our customers, our colleagues, and our communities.

Customers put their trust in our products and services to support a wide range of applications in diverse sectors, such as Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Steel. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) activities uphold this trust and are central to our purpose and mission.

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You've got big dreams. We've got big opportunities.

Join the largest independent pump rebuilder in the world. Become part of the new generation of industry experts who keep vital systems operating at maximum efficiency and reliability. We want you to succeed. It's good for you and good for us.

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