State of the Art Parts: Bearing Cartridge & Adaptor Piece

State of the Art Parts: Hydro Parts Solutions recently supplied a new bearing cartridge and adaptor piece for an OH2 pump from a Caribbean rum distillery. The customer had no spares for these components and was in a critical situation because both parts had failed and were unusable.

The OEM had provided a minimum delivery time of 10-12 weeks for both parts. Because these parts were necessary for the equipment to be returned to service, the customer sought out a qualified vendor who could provide the components in a shorter turnaround time. Hydro Parts Solutions was able to offer a 5-6 week delivery.

This job was particularly challenging because there were no samples to reverse engineer, only rough sketches from the customer. While it is standard to request samples to reverse engineer, because of the tight timeframe, Hydro Parts Solutions created a model using the sketches and the design experience and engineering resources within Hydro.

Despite the engineering complexity involved in recreating the part without a sample, Hydro Parts Solutions was able to cast, machine, and deliver the components within 5 weeks. By choosing to partner with Hydro Parts Solutions, the end-user was able to return their equipment to service in half the time it would have taken the OEM to supply the part. This case shows how Hydro Parts Solutions is able to provide superior lead times without sacrificing quality, even in complex situations.





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