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"Playing music at Quencers Saloon in Chicago" - Nate Thomas | Hydro, Madison

"Quit wishing, go fishing." - Dennis Wendell | Hydro, South

"A balanced diet is holding a cupcake in each hand." - Tori Chandler | Hydro Scotford

"When my schedule finds me at home in the Denver area on the weekends I can always find a local car show to attend. The car in the photo has a performance chip, pro tune, and upgraded 8mm injectors. 585HP, and estimated top seed of 190 MPH. what a fun toy." - Jerry Goodson | Hydro, Inc.

"Well, here's "Flash" Tom Nichin - weight lifting is the hobby, selfies is the game" - Tom Nichin | Hydro Inc.

"Larry and Young Eagle Program" - Larry Gruber | Hydro Aire

"Harry Weber’s (Golden Triangle President) daughter Genna, grandson Grayson and son-in-law Justin enjoying a Halloween festival. Costumes are Wonder Woman, Clark Kent and Batman." - Harry Weber | HydroTex Golden Triangle

"From my front porch Aurora Colorado about 18 miles south of the Denver international airport" - Jim Truex | Hydro Rocky Mountain

"Sometimes I do stand up comedy for fun!" - Joseph LaChance | Hydro Inc.

"Fall is Football weather and on Sundays when the Chicago Bears play I get geared up in my apron and serve up some food or help serve up some food." - Margarita Hayes | Hydro Inc.

"Pookkalam: floral pattern done with flower petals On the occasion of Onam which is an ancient festival of Kerala; southernmost State of India celebrating rice harvest every year. The floral carpet, known as Onapookkalam or just Pookkalam, is made out of the gathered blossoms with several varieties of flowers of differing tints pinched up into little pieces to design and decorate patterns on floor, particularly at entrances like a flower mat. Lamps are arranged in the middle or edges. It is a work of religious art, typically the team initiative of girls and women, who accomplish it with a delicate touch and a personal artistic sense of tone and blending. This one was created by me and wife, since both kids are away attending higher studies." - Jaishankar Nair I Hydro Middle East

"Camping and Astrophotography Google says Astrophotography is one word. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide. Happy Holidays!" - Chris Miller | Hydro Inc.

"My kids broke the wood & pass red belt test and to move next level black belt." - Anil Singh | Hydro Inc.

"Teaching Zumba is my passion – Pregnant or not" - Laura Vickerman | Hydro Scotford

"Day of shooting my Smith & Wessin 686" - Chester Colvin | Hydro Inc.

"I LOVE doing crafts and taking pictures…, especially in black and white. Color can be really bright and vibrant, but there’s something about black and white pics that just pull at me. This pic represented the beginning of fall and the start of everything magical for the kiddos. Looking at their eyes, I think I may have captured a little bit of the excitement of the upcoming season…” - Jackie Maher | Hydro Inc.

"My hobbies and interests are baking, plants and nature, and art. Instead of choosing one, I combined them all into plant cookie art." - Madeline Horwath | Hydro Inc.

"Sometimes I sing!" Dane Shubert | Hydro Inc.

"Cake baking party with my silly helpers!" - Samira Hryniewiecki | Hydro Inc.

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"Here's winking at you kid." - Joaquin Lopez |

"Home-roasted coffee from home-built roasting machines." - Josiah Carter | Hydro East

"I designed/built the slope by myself (and the grace of God) w/the three retaining walls. Afterwards I laid down the 320 blocks at 65 lbs each to stabilize the slope and provide the grid for the plants. As for the gazebo/ramada it is a pre-cut/drilled kit which I set and mounted in place, except for the roof panels, which can only be done w/four people. We did the latter, last 10/28 in a couple of hours. The following week-end I added the flood lights for the slope and light and fan for the gazebo." - Alex Vago | Hydro Evans

"Hunting in Alberta -- My daughter Megan’s first moose" - Patrick Kelly | Hydro Scotford

Building a Better Boiler Feed Pump


Robert Aronen, Dennis Plaizier and Dave Sinclair, Hydro Scotford Inc.


Pumps & Systems

Date Published:

November, 2007


Say goodbye to concerns about pump seizure: By properly applying composite materials to a troublesome boiler feed water pump, this large process facility in Alberta can now run one pump during full-rate operation with very low vibration and higher efficiency.

The reliability and efficiency impacts of close-clearance wear components – wear rings, inter-stage bushings, throat bushings, and pressure-reducing bushings – have been well documented.

In 1985, Bloch and Geitner cited the following potential problems associated with excessive wear ring clearance: efficiency losses, loss of rotor stability, shaft breakage, driver overloading, bearing overheating or failure, unequal load sharing in parallel pump operation, noise and damage typically associated with cavitation, and possible total pump destruction (p. 31-36).

One application for which the wear components are particularly important is boiler feed water. In the typical process plant, the boiler feed water pump is a multistage, horizontally-split, between-bearings design that is heavily dependant upon the wear components for rotor stability. Material selection is very important to ensure long-term reliability in this service.

The value of proper application and installation of modern composites is demonstrated by the results from a 9-stage boiler feed water pump from a large process facility in Central Alberta.

Why Wear Components are Important

The close clearance wear components in a centrifugal pump perform similar functions. They separate high pressure areas within the pump from lower pressure areas via a minimal clearance between a rotating and stationary member.

Due to the differential pressure across these components, there is substantial flow from the high pressure to lower pressure regions of the pump – recirculation flow. If inadequate clearance lies between two metal components, the rotating and stationary elements could possibly seize and lead to substantial pump damage (Bloch, 1988).

Conversely, as the clearance between rotating and stationary components increases, the recirculation flow within the pump increases and efficiency drops (Bloch and Geitner, 1985). Over time, this will become evident to the pump operators as recirculation flow increases to the point where the pump can no longer operate at design capacity.

What the operators may not notice is that the wear components also contribute substantially to rotor stability (Lobanoff and Ross, 1992, p. 440-451). Increased clearance at the wear components can lead to higher vibration, shorter bearing life, and the potential for high-energy failure modes such as shaft breakage.

Furthermore, recirculation flow at the first-stage impeller eye increases the effective inlet fluid temperature, possibly leading to cavitation damage (Lobanoff and Ross, p. 90-97). The net result is that a pump with increased clearance at the wear components is not as reliable or efficient as a pump with reduced clearance.

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