AISTech 2022: Benefits of Laser Deposit Welding in Descale Pump Application (Presentation)

Join Ken Babusiak as he presents the benefits of laser deposit welding in descale pump applications at this year’s AISTech conference. This presentation is part of the Maintenance and Reliability track and will be located in room 404 on Monday from 2:30-3:00pm.

Laser deposit welding (LDW) of wear surfaces in descale pumps can provide significant benefits. This upgrade provides a very hard wear surface and no longer requires a sacrificial component. Using LDW, impeller rings can be eliminated, removing the risk of a ring failure.

LDW technology significantly deters the opening of critical wear ring clearances, maintaining rotor stability and performance for a much longer period of time. Superior material hardness also protects against damage during transient events.

Hydro’s presentation will focus on the benefits and application of LDW in descale pumps with a case study showing practical application of the concept.