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MINEXCHANGE Conference 2023

Join Hydro at the MINEXCHANGE 2023 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 125th National Western Mining Conference in Denver, Colorado. We will be exhibiting at booth #2909. Meet our local Hydro Rocky Mountain team and learn more about Hydro’s extended capabilities.

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3-Day Hands-On Pump Training (Denver)

Join Hydro Rocky Mountain for a 3-day hands-on pump training tailored to both maintenance and engineering professionals to increase their pump knowledge.

Tuesday, November 15 (8am-5pm)

Wednesday, November 16 (8am-5pm)

Thursday, November 17 (8am – 3pm)

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Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day of the training. This course will provide 21 professional development hours and certificate will be issued upon completion.

Course Instructors:

Sergio Ramos, Mechanical Engineer

John Neely, General Manager- Field Service

Brad Hutchison, Goulds Product Manager

Course Curriculum:

Classroom Module: An Introduction to Basic Hydraulics and Pump Types

  • Basic Hydraulics – Terminology & concepts – and a review of basic pump types
  • Pump Performance Curve and interactions with the System Head Curve
  • Effect of operating away from the pump’s BEP, Cavitation, and NPSHR considerations • How wear affects flow and pressure

Hands-on Workshop Module: Inspect and Rebuild Between Bearings (BB) and End Suction (OH) pumps with an IMPEL overview

  • Overview of design and construction of between bearings (BB) and end suction (OH) pumps
  • Hands-on disassembly and assembly of common Balance of Plant (BoP) pumps
  • Utilizing a representative BoP training pump, Goulds 3405, we review in depth the design and assembly of simple pumps. This class also acts as a steppingstone to acquaint the learners with the foundation for the high energy pump modules to follow later in the course.

Classroom Module: Pump Inspection and Rebuilding Guidelines and Techniques

  • An overview of inspection procedures and practical advice for rebuilding your BoP pumps

Hands-on Workshop Module: High Energy Pumps (IR Model HMTA – BB3)

  • Detailed review of components and their functions
  • Centering of the rotor. Set and verify rotor running position, axial thrust, balance disk gap
  • Review best practices and proper repair techniques with “tricks of the trade” information
  • Basic pump operations best practices
  • Q&A discussions encouraged throughout the segment

Shop Module: “Pump Failure Modes and Case Studies”

  • Broad review of typical failure modes and areas of concentration during equipment health review
  • Slide presentation of component failures geared to generate classroom participation and discussion of known issues and concerns relative to specific site “bad actors” and current plant projects
  • Sharing of experience and “war stories” with focus on as-found conditions and what was or can be learned from these events
  • Open forum to discuss learners’ prepared or spontaneous questions

Cost: $2,899 per person.

For questions or more information, please contact Catherine Miles at cmiles@hydroinc.com or 773-590-6736.

Hydraulic Rerates & Pump Efficiency

During a mechanical seal replacement at a major gas plant, a reliability engineer identified that their API OH2 centrifugal pump was operating below the Minimum Continuous Stable Flow (MCSF).

In this case, Hydro Rocky Mountain partnered with HydroTex Deer Park‘s engineering team to provide the customer with an innovative solution by utilizing the existing casing and providing a redesigned impeller to optimize the overall efficiency and life cycle of the unit.

Watch as Ares Panagoulias and Glen Powell, of Hydro’s test lab, examine the historic operating conditions in regard to the pump’s best efficiency point (BEP) and provide a performance test to validate the upgrades and modifications.

Case Study: Hydraulic Rerates & Pump Efficiency from Hydro, Inc. on Vimeo.

Read the full article on World Pumps: worldpumps.com/ancillary-products/features/seal-replacement-reveals-causes-of-vibration/