Establishing a Culture of Responsibility

Celebrating Diversity

Hydro believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential in strengthening our business. Moreover, DEI helps stimulate and elevate the vitality of the communities we serve. In addition to prioritizing a diverse and inclusive workplace, we now measure the diversity of our suppliers and are developing initiatives that equalize opportunities among underrepresented and underserved groups of people.

Sourcing Responsibility

Hydro is conscious that the people we choose to do business with can have a wide-reaching impact. We expect our suppliers to exhibit ethical and responsible behavior aligned with our own culture of integrity and social responsibility. We have implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines these expectations.

A Culture of Safety

Hydro takes the responsibility of our workers’ safety very seriously. We have cultivated a strong culture of safety through proactive measures, open communication, and collective responsibility. Every worker in our organization is empowered and encouraged to stop work when they see an unsafe act.

A Giving Community

Hydro has always believed in giving back to the local communities where our workers live and thrive. From supporting local businesses to promoting volunteerism through our Hydro Cares program, we are committed to extending our impact beyond business boundaries.