Saving Energy

Energy Saving Audits

Through field performance testing, Hydro’s reliability engineers can provide an assessment of the energy usage and health of operating assets. These audits specifically target areas where energy usage improvements can be implemented, including the expected energy saved from specific detailed actions.

Hydraulic Modification


Hydraulic design experience and advanced modeling software allows Hydro’s Global Engineering team to create custom hydraulics for existing and new equipment. In contrast to “off-the-shelf” selections that are the best fit of standard options, Hydro provides performance specifically tailored to provide optimal efficiency at the end users’ system’s operating point.

System Analysis and Energy Optimization

The greatest opportunity for energy savings is through a holistic approach that analyzes how to optimize the pump’s operation inside its system. Hydro looks at modifications that can be made to improve hydraulic performance, mechanical operation, and system configuration to provide maximum energy and reliability benefits while reducing total cost of ownership over the pumps useful life.