Reducing Waste

Embracing Circularity

Hydro is a driving force in the pump circular economy through our core business of remanufacturing and upgrading rotating equipment. By uniting experience and innovation, Hydro helps end users achieve increased reliability, reduced costs, and performance improvement from their existing assets. This performance meets or exceeds the original design or what could potentially be achieved with the purchase of new equipment and is typically realized at a fraction of the cost and within a much shorter lead time.

Just-In-Time Parts & Inventory Reduction

Finding the right balance when stocking spare parts helps reduce waste and minimize inventory costs. With the support of our reverse engineering and casting specialists, Hydro helps customers maintain a virtual inventory of parts, reducing stock while also ensuring parts are available when they’re needed.

Reducing our Footprint

In addition to supporting end users in their own efforts to reduce emissions and use resources more efficiently, Hydro has developed an initiative to reduce our own energy and water usage. We have completed a study to understand the usage across our network and have identified key areas where we can make a material impact.