Pump Vibration Training

This pump training seminar covers modern vibration analysis, testing and evaluation, and provides an overview of when and how to apply them.

Course Topics Include:

  • Review of Pump Components and Mechanical/Hydraulic Behavior
  • Calculation of Vibration
  • Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes, by Hand or by Finite Elements
  • Amount of Vibration for a Given Level of Force (e.g., Imbalance)
  • Rotor Dynamic Effects, Including Bearings, Seals and Gyroscopics
  • Rotor Dynamic Instability
  • Techniques for Measurement of Vibration
  • Types of Probes and Their Selection
  • Best Measurement Locations and DirectionsUse of FFT Analyzers
  • Test Results in Terms of Operating Deflection Shapes
  • Finding Resonances by Impact Modal (“Bump”) Testing
  • Interpretation of Vibration
  • Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration, Filtered vs. Unfiltered
  • Vibration Specs, e.g. API 610, ISO 7919 and Hydraulic Institute
  • Effects of Hydraulic Forces vs. Mechanical Forces
  • How to Determine the Degree of Danger from Resonance
  • Predictive Maintenance Using Vibration
  • Interpretation of FTT Spectra
  • What Natural Frequency Shifts Can Mean
  • Integration with Performance, Oil Monitoring and Thermography

If you are interested in attending a seminar on a different date, at a different Hydro Service Center, or onsite at your facility: