John Donatiello – Treasurer for the Hydraulic Institute

Earlier this year, the Hydraulic Institute held its 2023 Annual Conference in Tucson, AZ where attendees and participants came together and shared their knowledge and experiences to further advance the pump industry. It is also an opportunity for the Hydraulic Institute to appoint new board members.

On April 10, the Hydraulic Institute released a statement announcing the new board members and their roles. Our very own John Donatiello, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, was appointed to the seat of Treasurer.

The Hydraulic Institute was established in 1917 and has since become the most prominent organization in the pump industry, taking the lead in developing standards and technical resources. Hydro’s founder, the late George Harris, dedicated many years to the Hydraulic Institute, where he served terms as both President and Chairman. We are proud to have once again one of our own involved in this organization’s oversight and strategic planning.

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