Moving Forward Together – Centaur Monitoring & Diagnostic Center

a group of people sitting at a desk in front of a windowHydro is proud to announce the inauguration of the Centaur Monitoring and Diagnostic Center at the HydroAire Service 40th Street location in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The M&D Center supports end-users who monitor their critical equipment through Hydro’s condition monitoring service, Centaur. Having a dedicated space for monitoring and analysis facilitates a quick response when emergent issues are detected.

Ease of Mind: An Expert Set of Eyes

Centaur allows real-time remote access to live and historical equipment data, enabling Hydro’s team of skilled vibration specialists to perform advanced asset monitoring in tandem with the equipment end users. As part of Centaur’s standard service offering, the engineering team provides monitoring oversight, monthly health reports, and advanced analytical support.

The Centaur engineering team is supplemented by Hydro’s global engineering network. As an unbiased presence in the aftermarket for over 50 years, Hydro has amassed critical experience over a broad spectrum of manufacturers, designs, and applications. This cross-OEM experience is leveraged when making diagnoses and recommending remedial actions.

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Digital Twin: Harnessing the Power of Technology

As the world moves further into the digital age, asset management platforms and tools will need to keep pace with the times. Hydro has moved swiftly to incorporate the Digital Twin concept into its Centaur condition monitoring software.

a man standing in front of a computer screenRepresentative equipment models are updated with real-time data and color-coded alarm indicators populate the model when the monitored output exceeds user-established thresholds. This at-a-glance assessment helps decision-makers act quickly in determining overall equipment health and identifying areas that need immediate attention. The Digital Twin goes beyond a simple representation of the monitored equipment. It connects advanced analytical tools within the software, an automated alarm notification system, and serves as the basis for an impactful asset management platform for use at a high level or for in-depth failure analysis.

Putting Data to Work

Hydro continues to develop technologies related to condition monitoring. As feedback is received from the field, new inputs are explored to monitor other critical data that predicts pump and rotating equipment health. The algorithms behind the Centaur software are continuously refined to improve their predictive capabilities.

The M&D Center is a cornerstone of Hydro’s commitment to the digital technologies that will continue to shape the industrial and maintenance worlds. By establishing a dedicated space near Hydro’s global headquarters and continuing to grow its talented engineering team, Centaur has invested in the resources necessary to remain responsive to customer needs.


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