A Hydro University Testimonial

Eduardo Orozco Gallegos (condition monitoring intern) on Hydro University’s offerings and use in company onboarding:

“As a current Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student, I can truly say that the courses I took from Hydro University were phenomenal! They combined components of my Vibration, Thermodynamics, and other ME courses and turned them into concise, but still thorough, classes. Quick but effective review quizzes after every course subsection ensured that the most important information and concepts were retained.”

“. . . the Pump Fundametnals course provided a detailed explanation of pump components, pump operation, BEP, and failure modes. I went from merely knowing pumps were used to increase the pressure of a fluid to be able to identify different kinds of centrifugal pumps, their unique components, and how those parts are crucial for pump operation. This course was vital in establishing a solid foundation of pump knowledge not just to understand how to maintain efficient pump operation, but conversely, in understanding the why and the how of pump failure. Added bonuses to the pump fundamentals course were the instructor’s enthusiasm for the content and the incredibly detailed CAD animations of various pump assemblies.”

“. . . while interning for Hydro’s Condition Monitoring team, the Vibration Fundamentals course provided all the essential information I needed to begin engaging in vibration analysis conversations with the engineering team. The course dived into understanding vibration transducers like accelerometers, various kinds of faults, and how to diagnose those faults. While the jargon in Hydro U’s vibration course was somewhat familiar from my Mechanical Engineering curriculum, this course took the extra step in applying these concepts to real-world situations.”

“In-depth case studies explained by an actual Hydro vibration analyst, field engineer helped to apply the concepts to possible scenarios at any operation site. The course was great at taking convoluted technical concepts and simplifying them so that little to no previous background in vibration was necessary to retain the important information and follow along. Overall, the Hydro University courses were great at providing me with a solid introduction to the pump operation and condition monitoring industry. The courses had a focus and clarity that rivaled, if not surpassed, current university classes. I would recommend them to engineers entering the industry even longtime salesmen and plant managers trying to add sound technical knowledge to their tool kit.”

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