Increasing Reliability

Enabling Predictability

Hydro’s Centaur condition monitoring solution supports end users in becoming more analytical and predictive about equipment health. Understanding asset health enables better decision making, identifies incipient failure modes in time to avoid significant damage, and allows maintenance to be performed based on actual asset condition instead of predetermined intervals.

Building Pump Proficiency

Hydro believes in moving our industry forward through shared knowledge and experience. Through skill development and focused resources, we help nurture the next generation of pump users. An educated operator, engineer, or maintenance professional is better equipped to make decisions that result in safer, more reliable equipment.

Rebuilding Better

By adhering to stricter tolerances, requiring robust process documentation, and never cutting corners, Hydro’s rebuild process results in greater reliability and increased mean-time-between-repairs. This level of quality ensures   a safer work environment for our end user customers, reduces waste by decreasing the frequency of maintenance cycles and lowers overall cost of ownership.

Troubleshooting & Vibration Analysis

Hydro supports customers in solving complex problems through our dedicated field testing and troubleshooting division. We resolve these issues through the application of the best available current technology in analytical modeling, eliminating wasteful trial-and-error methods and developing an effective solution on the first try. Improving persistent problems greatly reduces the risk of failures that compromise process integrity and impact the environment.