Breathing New Life into Old Pumps

New Technology Allows Cost Effective Re-Design and Re-Rate of Older Pumps

At no cost to you, our Centrifugal Pump Training Seminar is an extensive 1-day class beginning with a review of the hydraulic principles of operation for centrifugal pumps, how centrifugal pump performance interacts with the pumping system and plant demand, and what methods are available for adapting old pumps to present-day system demands.

Recent developments in data collection technology and additive manufacturing technology are being used to manufacture Cast Parts. The latest data collection equipment and systems using the Romer Arm Coordinate Measuring Equipment increases both the speed and the accuracy of Reverse Engineering efforts. Using both “point probes” and “digital scanning” allows the creation of 3D models which are critical to the manufacturing process. Using additive manufacturing...specifically Sand Printing...allows for making cast products without traditional wooden tooling (patterns and core boxes) thus reducing lead time and also improving “shape control” critical to the minimization of “Hydraulic Imbalance” issues.

If you are interested in attending a seminar on a different date, at a different Hydro Service Center, or onsite at your facility: