Diving Deep Through Reverse Engineering

Hydro’s Werner Barnard, demonstrates the importance and value of reverse engineering critical pumps as part of a contingency planning strategy in the latest issue of World Fertilizer

Surprise equipment failures are, by their very nature, unexpected. Even with strong predictive or proactive maintenance strategies, sudden system upsets or other external factors can cause an unforeseen catastrophic event. In many cases, these failures leave plants scrambling to return a pump to service quickly to minimize downtime or reduced capacity. The critical path to repair completion is often determined not by labor hours, but by parts lead times. Read more here

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10 Steps to Repair a Failing Vertical Pump

Hydro Reliability Services was called into a combined-cycle plant to determine the condition of the plant’s two condensate pumps. Losing one of the pumps to failure would cause the plant to be vulnerable to unplanned downtime and huge expenses.

In concert with various Hydro divisions, Hydro Reliability Services was able to perform a health audit to identify performance issues, establish root causes to those issues using modal analysis, test solutions to the issues using finite element analysis, implement structural modifications to address those issues, test the effectiveness of those modifications using performance testing, and monitor the performance of the pump in the field with wireless condition monitoring.

Hydro has the knowledge, experience, and technology to resolve these types of pump issues within the workshop and the field, which positions us as a total solutions aftermarket pump company.

Read the full article, 10 Steps to Repair a Failing Vertical Pump, in Pumps and Systems here.

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Case Study: Expedited Repair Saves Refinery Downtime

While Hydro was repairing a petroleum refinery’s decoker pump, an emergency caused the refinery’s backup pump to fail.

The refinery, faced with a critical situation, turned to Hydro for help. Hydro was able to expedite the repair process and spare the refinery a lengthy downtime and costly situation.

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New Service Center Opens in Darwin Australia

Meet Hydro Australia’s newest service center in Darwin. 

Hydro Australia provides engineered upgrades, quality pump repair, and on-site field service to pump users in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia. Hydro engineers can identify and solve the root cause of pump problems and can re-engineer critical equipment to eliminate recurring issues and minimize downtime costs.

As an independent company, Hydro Australia offers an unbiased view of all pump challenges. Hydro Australia is an ideal partner in providing independent analysis, long-term solutions, and expedited turnaround time for your critical pumps and systems.